Mohammad Ali Sadpara.. Pakistan’s Pride .. A Real life Hero

Since the Morning of 5th February 2021, Our nation is waiting to see the face of the Pride of Pakistan. Yes Mohammad Ali Sadpara. Allah is the best Planner, we all are still waiting for the miracle.

Is this Possible that Any one can survive above 8000 meter for so long? Mind says ‘No’ but heart says ‘May be, If Allah has planned’.

Sir Ali Sadpara is our Real Hero .. Pride of this Nation. We really can’t pay back his struggle, love and passion.¬† This hero was born on February 2nd 1976 in ¬†village at the periphery of Skardu city. This passionate mountaineer began his career as porter and worked his way up to climbing high peaks with expeditions. He told an interviewer that he started as a porter at Boltoro Glacier from 2000 to 2002. He wanted to go there to see his friends (porters) and simply loved this work and started working as a porter. After 2 years of this job, Ali got the opportunity as a igh-altitude porter to K-2 in 2004 and from that trip he fell in love with these high snowy palaces. Ali bhai said that “some people love cars, some love wealth and property, I just love these mountains, they give me peace and tranquility”. The way explained the expressions after reaching at the top of the world is awesome. Can’t believe that we won’t be able see these courageous faces again. Sir Ali’s dream was to establish a Climbing club in gilgit. He once requested the government that “I just want the Alpine Club and government to establish and train a Pakistani team of climbers”.

Well Pakistanis you are so lucky to have this passionate mountaineer with you. Just have a look at his successes.. Plus you just can understand my feelings if you are “Crazy” like me and have “Paharon say IShq”.

Following are the Main summits done by Sir Ali Sadpara. Actually he has conquered world’s seven 8000m peaks out of 14 in the world… I was like Wow, we have this personality from Pakistan and were unaware of him. Sad!!!

Gashebrum II Pakistan in 2006
Spantik Peak Pakistan in 2006
Nanga Parbat Pakistan in 2008
Muztag Ata China in 2008
Nanga Parbat Pakistan in 2009
Gashebrum I Pakistan in 2010
Nanga Parbat Pakistan first winter ascend in 2016
Broad peak Pakistan in 2017
Nanga Parbat Pakistan first autumn in 2017
Pomori Peak first winter Nepal in 2017
K2 in Pakistan in 2018
Lhotse Nepal in 2019
Maklu Nepal in 2019
Manaslu Nepal in 2019
K2 First Winter Pakistan in 2021

Our Army is still trying to find any prove about them since the team of Ali Sadpara is missing But the as the recent report, search operation was unable to resume due to bad weather. Experts say that it is impossible to survive for so long at -60 degree temperature. His son Sajid Sadpara was safely rescued and he is now in Skardu. He is also requesting to recover the bodies if possible. Tough time for the family of missing team.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of life. We all have to face it. If he is not more with us then May Allah grant him Higher Rank in Jannah. Ameen!!!

We Will Never Forget you Mohammad Ali Sadpara .. THE FACE OF PRIDE




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