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Naltar Valley is truly a heaven on earth. This beautiful valley is in Gilgit Baltistan region, Pakistan. You can reach Naltar valley through jeeps as it is 34 kilometers from Gilgit and its evolution is about 4,678 m (15,348 ft.).This valley is basically a forested region known as its dramatic mountain scenery. According to different reporters Naltar Valley is the most visitng area for the travelers across CPEC. Belive me whoever visits Naltar valley is agreed that it’s truly a paradise on earth. Now as Pakistan is safe for international travelers that is why more than fifty thousand visitors came to see its beauty and enjoy their summer holidays season. Luckily this valley has a splendid spot for skiing on its famous slopes and every year in January and February, International skiing festival helds. Security is at its best as ski resort is run by the Pakistan Air Force, along with the recently installed ski lifts that take skiers to the top of the slope.


Main attraction in Naltar Valley is its Lakes. All these beautiful lakes are known as Naltar Lakes or Bashkiri Lakes at altitudes ranging from 3,050–3,150 meters (10,010–10,330 ft). The beauty of these lakes is that all are surrounded by dense pine forests. Suggested time to visit these lakes is from May to October because in winters, its nearly impossible to reach the lake by vehicle due to the heavy snowfall in the Naltar Valley. Well, let me tell you that these lakes are not so big but Yes! very beautiful and scenic. Following is the list of few known Lakes, these Lakes are located at a distance of 13km from Naltar Bala, it takes about an hour of travelling.

Satrangi Lake

While on your way to lakes well all along the route, which is a dirt track, glacial streams can be seen flowing across the verdant valley floor.  Satrangi lake contains multi-colors due to the mountain surface inside the lake, therefore known as Multi-Color or Satrangi (سترنگی) Lake.

Blue Lake

As from the name you can get the idea that color of this lake is blue and is just adjacent to the Satarngi Lake.

Dhudia Lake

It is bit tough to reach at this lake. You might find it frozen most of the times. Dhudia lake is somehow far from other lakes and needs almost 1-2 hrs trekking. You can have fun while trekking with all scenic views

Halima Lake:

No its not Halima Sultan’s lake 🙂 The name of this lake is Halima because it is situated in a beautiful meadow known as Halima Garden. There is a 15 min trek to reach at this lake from Blue lake.

There are few other water ponds you can find in Naltar Valley as well. Few of them are known as Pari Lake and  Bodo Lake.

So this summer when you plan your holidays, do plan for Naltar Valley to enjoy the scenic views of our North.. Pakistan is beautiful, this country is actually blessed with so many natural beauties.

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