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A foreigner lady visit Swat Village

‘Pakistan is no doubt a heaven on earth’. said by a female came from outside Pakistan.
She told me whole story how much excitement was there when they decided to visit Pakistan.
So below are the details of her travel to a village Johannah a bad village, Swat, KPK

Johannah a bad village, SWAT

So we’re only actually a few hours away from Islamabad but it honestly feels like a million miles away I’m now surrounded by the incredible mountains of the Swat Valley and instead of the beeping and the car horns, I can hear insects birds.  I’ve come
to look around Johannah a bad village this is known for its agriculture and particularly known for their exports of these lovely peaches and plenty of other fruits. There’s loads of arches around me it smells really lovely and I’m excited to go meet some of the
people who live in the village
Although, so fresh, this whole area is Johana a bad village, there’s actually about 50 different buildings but they’re all quite spread out and it is just the most lovely place
there’s fruit trees everywhere focus. I’ve seen tomatoes peaches walnut tree even it’s definitely a very lovely place to live. You know what? there’s quite a few houses up above me still but it’s actually a very pleasant walks it’s about 10 degrees cooler here than it is in the cities.

Buddha Status in Swat Buddha St

Well walking through the village you would not expect to see this at the top of the
hill this is the largest seated buddha in the whole of the Swat Valley. it’s nearly five meters tall built in the 2nd and 3rd century. Unfortunately, during the Taliban insurgents the head was actually blown off by a bazooka from the road just over there but luckily only a year ago the Japanese government pitched in and helped rebuild the head and now it’s commanding amazing views over this beautiful valley.
So, as we were making our way up to the seated butter there were a few children
following along all the way up and they were definitely more sure under their
footing than I was they’re definitely very good with the local terrain it seems like a really
nice place to grow up. There’s all the fruit trees the air is really clean and it’s a lovely community as well everyone, seems to know each other. Well I asked few boys that  ”What do you boys like about growing up in this area?”
They replied ” We like growing up around the pears”. Which I can definitely understand
there’s so much fresh fruit around is it good to play here as well lots of places to play


Well, they’re things that they enjoy hiking in the area and playing cricket which is
obviously very popular all across Pakistan. You know people keep telling me about the
hospitality in Pakistan and twice now we’ve walked with a small village and
people have come out and greet us with refreshments and flutes everyone’s saying hello it’s so friendly.
I would love to visit more places of Pakistan. And I am sure all the people over there would greet us in the same way.

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