Walled City Lahore (Androon Lahore) always attracts me. I don’t know what is the reason, may be the beautiful architecture of Mughal Era or As I’m a Lahori …..

Well I never had a chance to visit the old gates of Lahore. Which were Eleven in total but most of them are ruined now. Few days back walled city of Lahore authority renovated few places in old Lahore and now arranging events and inviting people to witness the beautiful 400 years old architecture.

Photo Walk and Our Guide

Undoubtedly, event was very well organized. Our guide Mr.Laal Shah guided us very well, infact took care of all participant in a very decent way. Moreover, I would suggest all of you that try to attend these kind of events, to know more about the Rich History of Muslims.

Dehli Gate (Starting Point Of Photo Walk)

So, we all gathered at one point.. Which was “Dehli Gate”. The management was busy in confirming the participants, which was really impressive. And after 15 minutes, the guide officially announced to start the walk.

Sabeel Wali Gali (walled City Lahore)


Our first stop was at Sabeel wali gali. That area was renovated by the WCLA, there the guide showed us how the whole system is working now. There were renowned Garwi Wali females who were singing punjabi songs.

Akbari Market (walled City Lahore)


Moving Forward from Sabeel wali Gali we went through Akbari Mandi. Akbari Market is close to Akbari gate. This market was named after the name of Mughal Emperor Akbar, the great. IT has historical importance because it was established in Akbar’s Period.  Well this largest sprice and grains market of Asia, is the whole sale market of grains, spices, herbs and chemicals.

Shahi Hammam (walled City Lahore)


So after Akbari Mandi, our stop was Shahi Hammam. Now that was very interesting part. I really enjoyed visiting The Shahi Hammam. This royal Bath is a Persian-style bath which was built in Lahore. it was built in 1634-1635  during the monarchy of Emperor Shah Jahan. Chief physician to the Mughal Court Ilam-ud-din Ansari. He was basically known as Wazir Khan. The architecture was really wonderful. And the techniques of bringing steam into the spa and creating steam was just amazing at that time. Guide was telling each and everything very clearly.

Gali Surjan Singh (walled City Lahore)


Most visited place these days, Gali Surjan sing was the next destination. I personally was very excited to go there because WLCA has really decorated it beautifully. Stayed there for a while and then moved to the next stop, which was Haveli Alif Shah.

Haveli Ali Shah

So, the next stop was Haveli Alif Shah. This Historical building was built in 1861 and converted into Imam Bargah. This Haveli is know called Haveli Alif Shah. It is located at the end of beautiful streets on the Royal Trail, which is known as Gali Surjan Singh.

Masjid Wazir Khan

Moving forward and crossing few streets, we reached to Masjid Wazir Khan. This Mosque is truly a master piece of Mughal Era. It was built in 17th century, during the period of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Many parts of this mosque are under renovation process.

Boli wala Bagh (Garden) in walled City Lahore

So, we were really surprised to see this Garden within that congested area. This bagh was basically belonged to Sikh people before partition. Boli is basically a step Well.  Many people say its a Forgotten Garden Behind Sonehri Masjid. There is a big old tree now at the boli side. For me that tree was just the tree which you see in horror movies.. heheheh!!!

After visiting that Garden, guide took us from main Bazar and showed us Texali Gate as well. A very well known Sir Ganga Ram house was there too, Sir Ganga Ram, a person who built famous Ganga Ram Hospital.

Finally we reached to the Badshahi Mosque, Food Street side. Walk was ended there. It was no doubt a very informative and enjoyable event.


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