Shehroze Kashif – Pakistani Youngster on Everest



Youngest Pakistani on Everest

Our champ, Shehroze Kashif, is trying to summit The World’s Highest Mountain these days. This is a very proud moment for all Pakistanis. He will be the first youngster on Mount Everest.

Currently, Shehroze is at the Base camp of Mount Everest he has been updating his status from the top of the world on regular basis..

Recently, the message he sent from everest basecamp is as follows “Just wanted to touch base with everyone. I hope u all are rocking, healthy and safe. It feels like ages since I came here. Time tends to get slow during these basecamp breaks, makes me think a lot about family and friends, people I care about. All those messages and comments filled with care, love and prayers really motivate me, help me keep going. And soon it will be the final summit push In Sha Allah and then with the grace of Allah Almighty and with prayers from all of you, I will raise the Green Flag on summit of world’s highest mountain. Cant wait to get back home and see all those known faces once again 😊 Very Soon In Sha Allah !”

Who is Shehroze Kashif (Youngster)?

Briefly, let me tell you about who is Shehroze Kashif? Well he is a young passionate Climber. He holds the record of being youngest ever to summit Broad Peak 8047 m. This cute boy earned the title of “The Broad Boy” after that expedition. This youngster has already received highly technical and professional mountaineering training (Level 3/ Alpine style).

Following are the list of Summits he has already achieved:

1 .Makra Peak – 3885m.    (Age 11)
2. Musa KaMusalla 4080m. (Age 12)
3. Chambra Peak 4600m. (Age 12)
4. ManglikSar (Shimshal) 6050m. (Age13)
5. Gondogoro La K2 Base Camp 5585m.  (Age 14)
6. Khurdo Pin Pass 5800m. (Age 15)
7. Broad Peak 8047m. (Age 17)
8. Khusar Gang – Alpine style – 6050m.  (Age 18)

Youngster Pakistani on Everest Summit 2021

Shehroze our all prayers are with you from all Pakistanis. Boy you have all the physical, emotional, and psychological prerequisites for the summit of Mount Everest.

Inshallah we will hear the great Historical News Soon from Everest

Youngest Pakistani Climber

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