Shehorze Kashif

Shehroze Kashif .. Making Pakistan Proud

Nations are honored by the best achievements of their distinctive people. These people remains the jewels of the crown of the nation’s pride. Such is , youngest climber Shehroze Kashif, this young boy is making Pakistan proud around the globe.

Shehroe Kashif (Profile)

Well, let us take a look at few interesting details of this brave boy

Age : 19

City : Lahore

Sports : mount

Weight: 70kg

Height : 7’6’’

Club : mountain chain club


Shehroze Kashif’s Achievements:


Following is the List of his Achievements:

  • Makra peak ( 3885m) at age 11
  • Musa kaMussala (4080m) at age 12
  • Chambray Oeak (4600m) at age 12
  • Mangliskar Shimshal (6050m) at age 13
  • Gondogoro La K2 Base Camp (5585m) at age 14
  • Khurdopin pass (5800m ) at age 15
  • Broad peak (8047m) at age 17
  • Musart Gang- Alpine vogue (6050m) at age 18
  • Mount Everest peak ( 8849 m) at age 19
  • K2 –( 8611 m) at age 19
  • MANASLU Kingdom of Nepal (8163m )

Biography of Shehroze Kashif

Shehroze started climbing at simply age of eleven years from 3000 Meters and took his passion to future stage at 4000 Meters then 6000 then 8000 Meters.

At the age of nineteen years, Shehroze Kashif becomes the young Pakistani to climb the Mount Everest 8849 m because the a part of the seven summit Treks- on eleven could 2021. Mountain peak expedition 2021.

Undoubtedly, he became the youngest Pakistani to climb the K2 on twenty seven July 2021 at 8:am . once the in summit of Mount Everest , sport board geographic area awarded him the youth ambassador of geographic area, pakistan. He was referred to as “ The Broad Boy” , once the summited broad peak at the age of seventeen.

He started climb mountains at the age of eleven with the primary one being Makra Peak, followed by genus Musa Ka Musalla and Chembra Peak at age twelve, Mingli Sar in Shimshal at age thirteen and Khurdopin Pass at age fifteen and Khusar Gang in alpine vogue at eighteen years old-time.

Recently, on twenty five Sept 2021, Shehroze summited Manaslu 8163m ASL in Kingdom of Nepal at 5:40 a.m. PST.

Kashif interest in trekking developed at terribly young age, once he attended his father in an outside trip.

In a TV interview , he said “There is no comparison between the coaching levels of a jock and a mountaineer. Sometimes, we’ve to climb for 26-hours in one go,”

The strongest factor within the world is that the human mind, you can’t beat it. If your brain stops acting at a better altitude, that’s an enormous factor. You’ve got to coach yourself for those conditions,” Kashif went on to mention whereas sharing his fitness routine and its importance in decision-making at heights. “Mountaineering doesn’t enkindle compromise, mount asks for sacrifice.”Shehroze told that, the mountain peak expenditure value him ten million , no government and personal sector sponsor him.

In the Same interview, Kashif said that he desires to create a team with Sajid Sadpara — the youngest person within the world to summit K2 at the age of twenty — and climb all the fourteen eight,000m peaks.


Shehroze Kashif has received high technical and skilled mount coaching ( level 3/ Alpine style) . His in summit has set associate degree example of seizure the selves through uphills thought and positively making a sparked for mounteering .


Last but not least, Shehroze is that the pride of Pakistan. He has all the physical, emotional, psychological, pre requisites for turning into the globe category mountaineer.

shehroze Kashif
shehroze Kashif


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